New donor perks + updates!

By Shmeeb aS
Shmeeb @ PokeLegends
- Posted Jan 30, 18

Hey guys, here are some cool updates we’ve just rolled out:

  • Answer Pokemon related trivia questions shown in chat every few minutes for rewards. Just say the answer in chat and if you’re correct you will automatically be rewarded
  • Challengers+ may now send messages to the server from Discord! Follow the instructions shown in /link to link your accounts
  • Legendarys+ may now choose any chat color and PokeMasters may choose any bold chat color with /color
  • Added /info pixelmon & /info rewards
  • Added fancy spiral helices on the crates
  • Added VoteParty which automatically rewards everyone online once a certain amount of votes have been made


Hope you guys enjoy this round of updates!

- PL Staff

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