Generation 7 update is here!

By Shmeeb aS - Posted Feb 8, 19

Hello everyone, the long awaited Generation 7 update has finally been released! Many changes have been made in this update, including the addition of every Pokemon, so check out the full changelog here. I’ve also prepared a mini update for you all, enjoy!


Pixelmon+ Incentives

Pixelmon+ users may now claim a kit that gives 10 to 30 tokens randomly per day, and may also set an extra home. If you haven’t already, download the pack here.


New Vote Crate Rewards

  • God Shear added
  • God Bow added
  • Random Rare Enchantment Book added


YouTube Competition v2

With this update it’s a perfect time to launch our second official YouTube competition! Check out the competition guidelines here.


Nexus Competition v2 Winner

The winner of the Nexus competition is… drumroll please Legend Shop owned by @Rubenub, enjoy your $100 store coupon! There were some great shops this time around, and there will likely be another competition in the future so starting preparation now might be a good idea :)


New Farm Restrictions

In an effort to reduce lag on the server we have implemented a new set of rules with regard to automated redstone farms, please read them here.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Two new donor kits have been added to the store
  • GTS has temporarily been disabled while we wait for the developers to update it
  • View the last three legendaries spawned with /lastlegend
  • New rules have been added which prohibit receiving or offering assistance towards /dex, check them out here
  • Masters+ are now able to break Mob Spawners
  • Purchase your own head for $50,000 in-game money at /warp shop
  • Trade 64 Special Winner Stars for a Random Shiny at /warp shop


Thank you all for being amazing,

- PL Staff

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