Hey guys, I’m happy to say that our update today was a success! We still have a few more non-essential areas to finish off but for the most part the servers are fully functional. We will continue to patch the remaining bugs and get the server running as smoothly as possible. Please remember to keep reporting issues to staff and on the bug hunter program.

Check out the full update changelog here: https://pastebin.com/buvYVfzA


Thanks for all the support!

- PL Staff

King THN pixelmon server shutdown error to keep the 2 days closed and still shut down the authentication server
Tastyfall NIce now i can buy all i want

1.12.2 update + map reset!

Shmeeb aS posted Mar 31, 18

Hey guys, after lots of development and bug testing the Generations team has scheduled the 1.12.2 update for release tomorrow! Lots has been changed since 1.10.2, so if you haven’t kept up with Minecraft updates you can find the many new features here. With the current map being nine months old, we decided this is the perfect time to do a reset.


Everything except the following will be reset:

  • Ranks (type /bonus to claim the items)
  • Purchased kits
  • Titles
  • Emotes
  • Your Pixelmon party (not PC)


This will be taking place tomorrow at 6 PM PST



  • Items purchased from the donor store within the last month will be automatically refunded
  • Gym leaders will need to re-apply in order to keep their gym leader status


When the full 1.12.2 Generations changelog is available I will update this post. If you guys have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below.



- PL Staff

GoldenGreenapple I feel like this is an April Fools thing, but in case it isn't I'm prepared.

New features + 20% off sale!

Shmeeb aS posted Feb 26, 18

Hey guys! Here’s the latest round of updates we’ve just finished up for you guys.


  • Masters+ can now create their very own holograms, just like the ones in spawn with /holo create <name> <text>. Type /holo help for more info



  • Level up various skills listed here, including our custom battling, breeding, and catching skills to enhance special abilities listed here
  • See available skills with /skills and details about each skill with /skill <skill>



  • Receive extra boosts for catching certain Pokemon with certain natures in /hunt



  • Claim rewards at PokeStops placed in various locations with /claimpokestop


Universal Market

  • Browse the Universal Market with /um
  • Add the item in your hand to the market with /um add <price>



  • See how many votes you have this month with /votes
  • See this month’s top voters with /topvoters
  • Prices of tokens, rare candy, master balls, and in-game money significantly reduced in the donor store
  • Fixed TriviaQuest
  • Earn 32 free Rare Candy by leaving a review on our thread! Type /review for more info

Lastly, we are on the hunt for Pixelmon bugs! If you guys find anything in the mod that isn’t how it should be (incorrect textures, ability bugs, etc.) let us know in our bug hunter thread for big rewards! With your help we’ll be working directly with the Pixelmon Generations developers in an effort to make the mod as seamless and bug free as possible. Thank you!

Stay tuned, we have a few other very exciting things nearing completion that I can't wait to release to you guys!

Hope you guys enjoy!

- PL Staff

iPod + Valentine's Day Sale!

Shmeeb aS posted Feb 9, 18

Hey everyone!

Check out our newest feature addition: the iPod! Come jam out to some of your favorite tunes with a Minecraft-y twist in /ipod. That’s right, hear the equivalent noteblock beats beamed straight into Steve’s ears!

Note: Make sure you have your Jukebox/Noteblocks volume setting ON and Music OFF to be able to hear properly!

To celebrate the month of love we’ll also be launching a 30% off sale on all packages for a limited time! Get that rank you’ve been wanting now while it’s cheap!


Hope you guys enjoy, we have some more exciting news coming soon :)



- PL Staff

New donor perks + updates!

Shmeeb aS posted Jan 30, 18

Hey guys, here are some cool updates we’ve just rolled out:

  • Answer Pokemon related trivia questions shown in chat every few minutes for rewards. Just say the answer in chat and if you’re correct you will automatically be rewarded
  • Challengers+ may now send messages to the server from Discord! Follow the instructions shown in /link to link your accounts
  • Legendarys+ may now choose any chat color and PokeMasters may choose any bold chat color with /color
  • Added /info pixelmon & /info rewards
  • Added fancy spiral helices on the crates
  • Added VoteParty which automatically rewards everyone online once a certain amount of votes have been made


Hope you guys enjoy this round of updates!

- PL Staff

The_Melons im not sure if this posted XD
The_Melons we all feel you goldengreenapple oh and i love this server its epic ;)
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