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Shmeeb aS posted Dec 23, 17

Hey guys, we’ve got more updates!

Firstly @pokerman99 just finished up one of the most highly awaited features: Spawners! Change the type of spawner you are standing on with /spawner <mob>. Get 1 spawner every 24 hours with /kit spawner. As per the server rules please make sure your spawners are in an enclosed area.

Next we’ve spiced up the /kits command with a GUI to make claiming your kits a little more fancy, and changed some kits around a bit.

Lastly and my personal favorite, Jukeboxes. Come jam out to some classic Christmas jingles in spawn! We will soon be releasing a full blown personal iPod, so you will be able listen to your favorite real songs in-game! Please leave some suggestions in the comments below with some songs you’d like to see implemented.

We have lots more cool stuff in the works and I can’t wait to release them to you guys :)

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!

- PL Staff

Hey everyone!

If you love competing and winning PRIZES we will now be regularly hosting our brand new and amazing Parkour and Spleef events!

Prizes are given as event crate keys which you can redeem at either /warp parkour or /warp spleef


We’ve also just released PokeSnax, which instantly heal your Pokemon! No more constantly running back to that annoying healing machine. Get 16 every 6 hours by talking to one of our friendly NPCs in spawn.

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re also launching our annual sale! Get a whopping 35% off all ranks and items for a limited time.


Hope you guys enjoy!

- PL Staff

Re-introducing: Gambling!

Shmeeb aS posted Nov 19, 17

Hey guys, I’m excited to announce the completion of my latest project, Gambling. Gamble your Tokens in this roulette style spinner for the chance to either 2x or 14x your tokens! Check it out with /gamble

Be sure to stay tuned as I also have a few more things that are nearly done that I know you guys will like. :)



- PL Staff


Hugamouse aS posted Nov 9, 17
Grab your shovels, it's time to hit the snow! This weekend we will be having a fun spleef tournament! Break the snow under your opponents' feet to knock them down a level. Last one standing during each round will get a point. We will have multiple rounds, so get prepared for the long battle ahead!
This event will take place on Saturday, November 11th, at 4 pm PST (6 pm Central Time).
1st: Colored Pokesash of choice
2nd: Random colored Pokesash
3rd: Random colored Pokesash
Special thanks to zman455 for helping me make the arena!
GoldenGreenapple So only 1 person will get 1st, like after multiple rounds you tally up wins?

Big updates!

Shmeeb aS posted Nov 7, 17

Hey guys, we’ve been hard at work and I’m excited to finally announce some cool updates for you guys!

I’ll start off with my personal favorite, Emotes. Express yourself to the entire server with our wide selection of Emotes, available with the /emotes command. Unlock them in the voting crate and the donor store.

Next up, PokeHats! Show off your unique style with special hats that are visible to everyone! Check out the available options in /pokehats. Unlock them in crates and the donor store.



For the last of our feature additions, we’re bringing back PokeSashes! Collect and wear a variety of new sashes with /pokesash. Unlock them in crates and the donor store.


Now I’ll be going over some major changes we’ve made to the server.

  • Donator ranks Legendary and PokeMaster can now change their prefix color with /prefix (PokeMasters can choose bold & rainbow options)
  • All players now have access to /kit tokens which gives 10 tokens for free daily (regulars & veterans get 15 & 25 respectively). This means all donor ranks will now get an extra 10 tokens per day, with PokeMaster getting an extra 20.
  • 15 new titles have been added to crates and the donor store
  • Shiny crate now has a chance to win a shiny legendary

We’ve realized that our gym leaders dedicate a lot of time and effort towards the server, so here are some changes we decided to make running a gym a bit more rewarding.

  • Leaders get an exclusive title of their gym (current leaders ask a SeniorMod+)
  • Leaders now have access to /kit gymleader (8 ultra balls, 8 rare candy, and 2 random EV reducing berries daily)
  • Leaders now get 8 rare candy and 10 tokens for every battle (win or loss)
  • Leaders are now able to become a leader of up to 3 gyms if they have the required Pokemon
  • Challengers now get a random TM based on the gym type for every victory. Just like in the game!

We’re also excited to announce our new YouTube competition! Check out our thread for the exact specifications, but basically the two people that upload the most YouTube videos of them playing on the server from now until November 30th will win the PokeMaster rank (or equivalent value) and the exclusive “Youtuber” title. On top of that, for every single video uploaded we will reward 2 master balls. So get uploading, the competition starts now!

We hope you guys enjoy these updates! As always if you have any ideas you want to see added to the server please make a thread in our Feedback & Suggestions category on the forums, we’re always on the lookout for cool ideas that will make us stand out from the rest.



- PL Staff

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