Roll back

pokerman99 aS posted Jul 14, 17

Hello players of Pokelegends, due to unforeseeable and unstoppable problems our server that hosts the Pokelegends server had filled up the storage completely. This rendered the servers to be unplayable and not correctly store data. Although the only hit you the players will be taking is that there will be a 1 day roll back to set everything into working order.

-PL Staff

GoldenGreenapple Will server be down a day or how long? Kinda sicks we lose a days' time but it happens.

Pixelmon announcement

Shmeeb aS posted Jul 14, 17

Hey guys, as some of you may have seen the Pixelmon developers have decided to end development on the mod. This likely means that our version of Pixelmon will stay at 5.1.2, but we aren’t going anywhere. The servers will always be accessible via our modpack. We’re still going to be hard at work fixing bugs and adding in new features to keep the game feeling fresh.


Read the announcement here


Thanks for all the support

- PL Staff

A few updates

Shmeeb aS posted Jul 7, 17

Hey guys, we've got some updates!

Firstly, we've updated to version 5.1.2 (latest) of Pixelmon, which fixes a bunch of bugs and adds a few new Pokemon - check out the whole changelog here. If you are using Pixelmon+ your client will automatically be updated, otherwise you can download it here. Next up due to popular demand we decided to re-enable the mod Gameshark, although some features have been nerfed to make it less overpowered. We've also decided to remove the Challenger requirement for gym leaders. The server is in need of gym leaders so I encourage you all to train your Pokemon and apply! Lastly, Challengers+ can now set the time of day for themselves with /ptime set [day/night].


We’ve been hard at work improving server stability, fixing bugs, and developing new features for you all to enjoy. Thank you all for your continued support, hope you guys enjoy these updates!

- PL Staff

GoldenGreenapple Sooo happy. I missed gameshark.

Update is finally here!

Outreach posted Jun 10, 17

Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that the long awaited update is finally here!

So what does this mean for us? We’re going from Minecraft version 1.7.10 to 1.10.2 (or Pixelmon version 3.5.1 to 5.0.4). Due to this, we’re forced to use server software called Sponge instead of Bukkit. This means some of the features you might be used to could be missing for the time being, but we are working hard to get as many of these old features, as well as new ones, on the server as soon as possible.

With this, we will be doing a map reset. Everything will be reset except the following things:

  • Ranks (type /bonus to claim the items)
  • Purchased kits
  • Titles

This will be taking place today at 6 PM PST. Here is a countdown timer:


Items purchased from the donor store within the last month will be automatically refunded

Gym leaders will need to obtain a new team and re-apply in order to keep their gym leader status

If you guys have any comments or suggestions please leave a comment below

Thanks for all the support

- PL Staff

OzleBozle So does this mean I lost the build I had been working on for months???
SkyS30 What about pokemon(s) that you bought? Will they be "refunded" too?
Cheeseboy314 Gen 6 is my favourite but I'm gutted we lose everything 1.7.10 is my fav minecraft but i think i would keep it 1.7....

Easter Events!

Rady aS posted Apr 12, 17

In celebration of Easter, Pokelegends will be hosting multiple events. Some of the events that will be held include:

Building Contest:

To participate in the Building Contest you must buy a Mall Plot at /warp mall, and then build something around the theme of Easter! The 3 best builds will win prizes as stated below:

1st - Shiny Legendary of your choice!
2nd - Random Shiny Legendary!
3rd - Legendary of your choice!

Entries for the building contest begin from when this is posted to 7pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on Easter Sunday. The winners will then be decided either on the night of Easter or the next day.

Pokemon Hunt:

A custom Pokemon Hunt will be held at a new warp specific for the event! The rules are as follow:

- You MUST remain in the spawning area until released to go find the chosen pokemon.
- You are not allowed to ride pokemon within the warp (Flying or walking pokemon). Anyone seen doing this will be automatically disqualified from the event.
-One new pokemon will be spawned every new round, the pokemon which are spawned in can vary from being normal, shiny to legendary.
-The event will start at 9:00 PM GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) on 16th of April. To see what time that is for you, please convert the time stated above into your own time zone using Google.

*NOTE* The event is now OVER.

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