Hey guys, I’m going to explain our newly implemented system to facilitate the exchange of donation items for in-game items. We’ve done this with a new currency called “Credits” that can be purchased here. All ranks/items in the donor store can be purchased with these credits. They can also be sent to other players directly through the website.

Instructions to safely trade items for Credits:
  1. Confirm that the other player actually has the amount of credits they claim to have. To do this, have them link you to their Enjin profile page and look for the “Total Credits” field. If it’s not there, they have 0 credits


  2. Ensure their Enjin account is actually theirs by comparing their “Minecraft Characters” with their in-game username
  3. Capture screenshots of the terms of the deal
  4. ???
  5. Profit

Instructions to send Credits to another player:
  1. Have the other player link you to their Enjin profile page
  2. Navigate to the top right of their profile and click the gear


  3. Click “Send Credits” and fill out the form

  • Sales and deals (free legendary etc.) only apply when the credits are spent, not purchased
  • 1 Credit = $1 USD

I hope this eliminates the unnecessary struggle of conducting these kinds of trades.