Updates updates updates!

By Shmeeb aS - Posted Dec 23, 17

Hey guys, we’ve got more updates!

Firstly @pokerman99 just finished up one of the most highly awaited features: Spawners! Change the type of spawner you are standing on with /spawner <mob>. Get 1 spawner every 24 hours with /kit spawner. As per the server rules please make sure your spawners are in an enclosed area.

Next we’ve spiced up the /kits command with a GUI to make claiming your kits a little more fancy, and changed some kits around a bit.

Lastly and my personal favorite, Jukeboxes. Come jam out to some classic Christmas jingles in spawn! We will soon be releasing a full blown personal iPod, so you will be able listen to your favorite real songs in-game! Please leave some suggestions in the comments below with some songs you’d like to see implemented.

We have lots more cool stuff in the works and I can’t wait to release them to you guys :)

Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!

- PL Staff

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